EarPlanes® Ear Plugs

  • Protection from flight ear discomfort

    Made of soft hypoallergenic latex free silicone. This pack contains one pair of disposable EarPlanes® good for one round trip flight. Also great for mountain driving.

    • Safe
    • Comfortable
    • Disposable
    • Soft, hypoallergenic latex free silicone

    Tested by U.S. Navy pilots. Approved by flight attendants.

    Contains: 1 pair & case

  • Instructions for use

    Before inserting, pinch nose and blow to clear your ears. For best results, ALWAYS insert EarPlanes one hour BEFORE landing. Remove AFTER landing and when cabin door is opened. Chronic sufferers may ALSO insert EarPlanes just BEFORE takeoff. EarPlanes may be removed when the airplane reaches MAXIMUM altitude and reinserted one hour BEFORE landing. For maximum results, use your opposite hand to pull the top of your ear upward. Insert the ribbed end and turn like a corkscrew until snug.


    Do not reuse after two flights since pollen, dust, and moisture will reduce effectiveness.

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