Soft Foam Ear Plugs

  • Comfortable hearing protection

    Designed for comfort during long hours of use. Blocks snoring and loud noises.

    • Ideal for concerts, study, sports or work
    • Blocks snoring
    • Latex free
    • Noise Reduction Rating: 30 Decibels

    Contains: 10 pairs

  • Instructions for use

    1. With clean hands, free from hand creams/lotions, slowly roll down and squeeze the earplug between your fingers until it is compressed.
    2. Insert the compressed plug slowly into the ear canal. This is easier if the ear is gently pulled upwards and outwards.
    3. Keep the plug in place until it has expanded back to fill the ear canal.
    4. Refit the plug if it becomes dislodged through movement. Before each fitting, the plugs should be inspected. Do not use dirty or damaged earplugs.
  • Use only as directed.

    Children using this product should always be supervised by an adult. Keep away from infants or small children because, while non-toxic, swallowing earplugs may interfere with breathing, which could result in serious injury or death.

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